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Peace Lily founder Dr. Najifa Choudhury shares her journey from CBD skeptic to CBD CEO By Jeanelle Olson Photography by Erin Kirkland During pharmacy school at Wayne State University, Dr. Najifa Choudhury took up running to help with anxiety. But soon, severe knee pain had her wondering if she’d inherited the early arthritis that also affected her mom. A friend recommended CBD for the pain and Choudhury was taken aback. “I can’t use that!” she recalls saying. “That’s like… marijuana!” Three years later, Choudhury, 28, is the founder and owner of Peace Lily, an online company that sells a variety of curated CBD products such as pills, serums and bath bombs. Because of her scientific background and experience using CBD, Choudhury is passionate about quality, sourcing and, as a pharmacist and teacher, educating her customers. Since launching her company in June 2019, Choudhury stands out in a white male-dominated industry. But she knows what makes her different also helps make her successful: “Being a minority woman is so rare in the CBD space,” she says. “I love the fact that I’m a female in this space because females have different needs and wants and a male-operated company would not understand […]