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Send us your pet pics, and we’ll make your pet famous. Make sure your picture is high-quality, 300 dpi, or use the highest setting on your phone. Please add the name, breed, city, and age of your pet. Submit here. 



Koegel from Farmington Hills.jpeg

Age 5 months, Dachshund from Farmington Hills

What are your favorite toys? My ducky, piggy, and/or my raccoon.

*Most clever pet name award! Get it - Koegel because he's a dachshund aka "weiner" dog and Koegel is a Michigan hot dog company! 

Bella & Stella

Bella and Stella from Boyne City.jpg

Age 1, cute kitties from Boyne City

What is your favorite treat? Temptations crunchies.

What is your favorite toy? Our cat nip mice;

Do you have hidden talents or skills? We love to run after nerf balls

Disco Von

Disco Von from Detroit.JPG

Age 1, Teacup Parti Poodle from Detroit

Do you have a hidden talent or skill? I know how to Ninja launch!

What is your favorite treat? Eggs


Blue from Macomb.jpeg

Age 2, Airedoodle from Macomb

What is your hidden talent or skill? I know how to give paw!

What is the last thing you got in trouble for? I snuck a piece of pizza … and ate it!


Raspberry aka Razz

Raspberry from Detroti.jpeg

Age 2, Aussie-Border Collie-Cattle dog mix from Detroit

Where is your favorite place to play? Anywhere, but especially Orion Oaks Dog Park.

What is your hidden talent or skill? Agility and obstacle courses are my jam!

Penny Lane

Penny Lane from Farmington Hills.jpg

Age 9, mixed breed from Farmington Hills

Where did you meet your owner? In Menominee, where my mom got me from the animal shelter.

What is your hidden talent or skill? I can have 2 toys in my mouth and it's almost all the time.

Where is your favorite place to play? I love playing in my backyard or at my grandma's house with my tennis ball gun!

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