“The Girl Inside,” an Emmy-Nominated short documentary by 1 Girl Revolution, in partnership with BEHOLD, features a poignant look at the stories of incarcerated women within Cook County Jail and a life-changing academic course taught by Dr. Laura Biagi (formerly of DePaul University in Chicago) called, “Storytelling as a Healing Art.” This short documentary, which is a part of an on-going series featuring the stories of everyday women changing the world through their lives, reunites Dr. Biagi with five of her former students for a special one day course on the transformative power of our stories and our voices - and what is revealed is: “The Girl Inside.”

Special thanks to:

Cook County Jail,

the staff at Cook County Jail,

Dr. Laura Biagi,

the five women who participated in this project,

Rob Kaczmark,

Jason Knade,


the Inside-Out students of the Winter 2019 “Storytelling as a Healing Art” course,

the Theatre School at DePaul University,

the administrators, Inside-Out staff, and the Steans Center at DePaul University,

the Inside-Out Center,

Lori Pompa,

John Culbert,

Helen Damon-Moore,

Kim Bogucki,

the If Project,

Mary and William Bryan,

Peter Bryan,

Moira Singh,

Delia Bryan,

June Tanoue,

and every woman and girl around the world - the world needs you, your voice, and your story. You have the power to change the world through your life.

Every woman has a story. Every woman has a voice. Every woman has the power to change the world through their lives. Every woman is a 1 Girl Revolution!

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For more information on Dr. Laura Biagi, please visit: https://soulsound.it


“There are a lot of problems in society because people are not able to be heard!” - Dr. Laura Biagi, the professor who taught “Storytelling as a Healing Art” to Cook County Jail Female "Inside" students



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