IMG_1561[Summer at the Center youth participants] (1)

Summer at the Center youth participants and their youth leaders play at the UNI Springdale Green Playlot.

Looking to give back this summer? Here are 5 ways you can help Urban Neighborhood Initiatives and make a big impact!

Non-profit organizations are always in need of monetary donations. For those who are not in a position to donate or just want to get involved in other ways, Christine Bell, Executive Director at Urban Neighborhood Initiatives in Southwest Detroit shares other ways you can give back that will make a big difference to their programs.

1. Donate a bike

There is a continual need for additional bikes to repair and then sell through UNI’s bike shop, Bell says. This flexible space serves as the home base for UNI’s youth programming and its youth-operated bike shop, Southwest Rides Bikes and Boards.

2. Purchase items from UNI’s Amazon Wish List

UNI needs in-kind donations of office supplies and equipment throughout the year, Bell says. UNI Amazon wish list.

3. Share your gardening expertise

UNI seeks to host clean-up and beautification projects around its Springwells neighborhood, and having the assistance of people with a master gardener’s certification or a deep interest in gardening would push those projects forward, Bell says.

4. Become a mentor

While so-called career days are wonderful, UNI seeks long-term relationships with professionals who want to be mentors for its Youth Workforce Development team and participating students, Bell says.

5. Schedule a mural tour

UNI would love to see groups of individuals, friends, or co-workers visit the Springwells neighborhood and make a donation to tour some of the mural projects its students have done, adding a new fundraising potential to this beautification project, Bell says.


Read more about Urban Neighborhood Initiatives or make a donation here.

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