Shades of Pink Foundation raised funds to help breast cancer patients and survivors in Southeast Michigan at their family-friendly A Wild Time at the Detroit Zoo

On May 21, Shades of Pink Foundation hosted its family-friendly signature fundraiser, A Wild Time at the Detroit Zoo. More than 1,000 people attended the event, which raised more than $185,000 to help breast cancer patients and survivors in Southeast Michigan.

“A Wild Time at the Zoo is a special event bringing together those undergoing breast cancer treatment, donors, survivors, friends, and families in support of the clients we serve,” says Mary Pat Rosen-Meyers, SOPF board president.

Focused on longevity and sustainability, SOPF is dedicated to ensuring that breast cancer patients throughout Southeast Michigan have access to a financial safety net so they can focus household resources on treatment and recovery. SOPF is proud to have given nearly $2 million since its inception in 2005 to individuals in the community.



Patrick Smith, Blake Smith, and Karsten Patel representing Birmingham Seaholm Varsity Tennis



Sharon Green, Bobby Lucas, Linda Lucas, and Devan Lucas



Howard Treado, Debbie Bacal, Nancy Pirslin, and Jill Bekish of the Power of Pink



SOPF President Mary Pat Rosen-Meyers, Nicole Grady, Penny Davis, Darcy Donnelly, Carolyn Sadler, and Heather Downey



Sandy Menza, Karin Tanti-McLaren, and Nancy Zuch



SOPF Treasurer Tim Rayburn, Diane Rayburn, Caitlin Rayburn, Jeff Rayburn, Bob Goetsch, Andrea Rayburn, Madeline, and Charlotte



Sharon Bertges, Laura Dawson, Ilene Cieszkowski, Ben Cieszkowski, Denise Jones, Chantel Judson, and Sherry Wynn of the Camaco Team



Lenora and Benjamin Brandham



Janet Diggs and Toni Bladwin



A Wild Time at the Zoo with Shades of Pink Foundation



SOPF Co-Founder and Board Member Dr. Pamela Benitez and SOPF Zoo Walk Committee Member Kim Holbert



SOPF President Mary Pat Rosen-Meyers, SOPF Client Outreach Chair Teri Silverman, SOPF Client Services Chair Toni Grinnan, and SOPF Vice President Deb Silverman



Lissa Racer, Michelle White, and Joe White


For more information about Shades of Pink Foundation and how you can get involved, visit there website at


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